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 Vinyasa yoga with Simone Alicia

breathe, feel, dare, explore, play

Yoga came to Simone Alicia 7 years ago. And she was instantly hooked. She absolutely loves the balance between physical exercise, finding innerpeace and having more space - for creativity - in her head.


"Because there is one thing that distinguishes us from animals: our imagination. And sometimes we let that rule our lives eventhough it's our own enemy. That's okay, let it happen. As long as we don't believe everything we think. Let's retrieve our playfulness. And have the time of our lives, even when we step off the mat." - Simone Alicia


whatever happens...

Yoga is meditation in motion. You'll find yourself in different ways: upside down, stretching and strengthening, lying down on your mat. You don't have to be flexible or hold your breath for eternity. It's not about tricks, it's not a circus. So, what is it about then? Challenges and relaxation and remember to: enjoy the beautiful view. Your yoga practice on the mat is similar to the things you have to deal with in real life. Embrace imperfection and allow yourself to be who you are.

come back to your breath

Simone Alicia achieved her RYS 200 Yoga Alliance certification as a Vinyasa yoga teacher from Johan Noorloos - De Nieuwe Yogaschool. A renowned training that stands for safety and authenticity in passing on the craftsmanship as a yoga teacher. Everything she learned, she brings into her classes using yoga poses, hands-on philosophy, meditation and breathing with a touch of aromatherapy. But she especially guides you in your own yoga path. In a grounded way that suits you. Namasté.

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