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As a creative copywriter, branding coach and content strategist Simone Alicia helps to achieve good goals with good stories.And she absolutely loves it. Here you will find a few highlighted projects. So, what do you want to achieve? 

HalloWerk strengthens the municipality.

Online and with personal help. This is how HalloWerk connects job seekers to employers. Together we are committed to: a society in which everyone can participate.

What? Writing and concepting the website texts, social media posts, blogs and newsletters for three target groups (job seekers, employers and municipalities). In a clear language from A2 to B1 level, tone-of-voice coaching and content strategy.

With whom? Together with a digital advertising agency Red Factory and various teams from HalloWerk. Municipality of Amsterdam, Municipality of Rotterdam, Municipality of The Hague, WSP Rijnmond (WSPR), Employer Service Point Greater Amsterdam and Municipality of Utrecht.

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Solid Performance: take ownership of yourself.

The other you – a social campaign with the outstanding message: don't become someone else, but be yourself. Where the sports & health category screams loudly that you should become the best version of yourself, Solid Performance takes the path of nature, peace and space to get to know yourself again. This is a campaign with stopping power through vibrant poetry – without raising our voices.

What? Creative writing of a poetic voice-over for a series of (social) videos. Creative freedom in text. Based on the strategic concept. Production of the videos along with a strategic video production team.

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Smoke-Free Generation: Get used to it.

We see it happening all around us. More and more places are becoming smoke-free. And cigarettes are sold in fewer and fewer places. Get used to it. Because a world in which our children can grow up completely smoke-free is getting closer anyway. Together towards a smoke-free generation. 


What? Creative and strategic writing and thinking along with the website and And writing articles based on interviews from shop owners to top athletes. A readable story that encourages action.

How? Together with The Dutch Lung fund, The Dutch Heart Foundation and KWF Cancer Control we are on our way to a Smoke-Free Generation. In this way we give children the opportunity to grow up smoke-free and we protect them against the harmful consequences of (second-hand) smoking and the temptation to start smoking.

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